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Bellator 120

Season 2014, Ep 1012 1:5735

Rampage Jackson vs. King Mo, Michael Chandler vs. Will Brooks, Tito Ortiz vs. Alexander Shlemenko, and more.

♪♪ (tense music)

Tonight, he is flyingto the stage...

(sportscaster)Oh, big knee!

And then bang,right on the jaw.

(exhales sharply)

That isan unbelievable finish!


A straight knockouton the flying knee!

Oh, big head kick!


Another fight I feel privilegedto see, privileged to call.

Oh, my God, this is over!

There's the tap,and we have a new champion!


(Sean Wheelock)Tonight, we're coming to youfrom one of the greatest cities

in the United States,Memphis, Tennessee.

A look at the famedBeale Street.

And we are just southof Beale and Union Avenue

at the jam-packed Landers Centerfor Bellator MMA.

Excitement is in the airfor this card,

which culminateswith our main event,

MMA's biggest grudge match

in the light heavyweighttournament final,

King Mo versusRampage Jackson.

Hey, everyone, welcometo the Bellator pay-per-view

with Jimmy Smith,I'm Sean Wheelock.

Jimmy, top to bottom,this is a stacked card.

And what aboutthis main event?

The bad bloodboils over tonight.

They will finally settletheir words in the cage.

Rampage versus King Mo.

King Mo, a Division IAll-American,

outstanding wrestlerand powerful striking,

but the knockout edgebelongs to this man,

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.

Two fights in Bellator,two first-round knockouts

can finish youwith either hand.

Also on the card,"Ill" Will Brooks

fighting for the titleagainst Michael Chandler.

Brooks-- physical,explosive, versatile,

an incredible athlete,but so is his opponent,

the former champMichael Chandler,

incredible speed,knockout power, aggression,

and an all-American wrestlerwith finishing skills.

Ortiz versus Shlemenko,

Shlemenko, of course,the middleweight champion.

The question is--will the knockout power

he's shown at 185 pounds

translate to 205against this man,

Tito Ortiz,a gigantic light heavyweight?

Both guys havea tough test tonight.

Jimmy, you and I loveold-school MMA.

Shlemenko versus Ortiz,

that's like a fightfrom the mid-1990s.

Yeah, it's likea pride fight

when weight classesdid not mean anything.

Great opportunity, tough fight,both guys have it.

Also, tonight on this Bellatorpay-per-view card,

it is the season tenheavyweight tournament final.

The winner, of course, Jimmy,earns a world title shot.

Blagoi Ivanovversus Alexander Volkov.

A combination Volkov hasthat other fighters don't--

he is 6'7"with knockout power.

His opponent, Blagoi Ivanov,a Sambo world champion,

defeated Fedor Emelianenkoin Sambo.

Has great submission skills.

He wants this fighton the ground.

And Jimmy, up first,a really intriguing fight

in the welterweight division.

Two strikers, pure strikersbut radically different styles.

Let's get this fight startedwith our tale of the tape.

Here we go with Ricky Raineyversus Michael Page.

Look at the heights,6'1", 6'3".

They're used to being the muchtaller fighter in the cage.

Both guys comparable tonight.

How will they deal with havinganother tall fighter

in front of them?

(Sean)Here is Bellator cage announcerMichael Williams.

(Michael Williams)Ladies and gentlemen,good evening,

and welcometo the Landers Center.

Bellator MMA now presents

three five-minute roundsin the welterweight division.

And now, first introducingthe red corner.

At 6'1",weighing in at 170.1 pounds,

his professional recordeight victories, two losses.

Fighting out ofGastonia, North Carolina,

introducingRicky "The Sniper" Rainey.

(light cheering)

And across the cage,his opponent tonight

fighting outof the blue corner.

At 6'3",weighing in 170.5 pounds.

As a professional,he stands undefeated,

five victories, no defeats.

Fighting out ofLondon, England,

Michael "Venom" Page.

(light cheering)

And the referee in chargeof the contest, Kevin MacDonald.

(Kevin MacDonald)All right, guys,this is three rounds

under the unified rules.

I want a good, clean,fair fight.

Any questions, red?

Any questions, blue?

Touch gloves if you want,come out swinging.

(Sean)Jimmy, I've never seenan arm raised

in a stare-downin any combat sport.

(Jimmy)Especially with the hand pumpin motion,

I've never seen that before.

(Sean)Ricky Raineyversus Michael Page.

Ready to fight?

Ready to fight?

Let's go!

The bellin round number one.

Look at the footwork.

Look at the handsof Michael Page.

Rainey in the orange trunks,Page in the gray trunks.

The key here is stalk.

Don't chaseif you're Ricky Rainey.

You can't afford to followthis guy blindly.

He will knock you out.

He's gotta cut offthe cage.

Corral him,don't follow him straight back.

Look at that angle.

Right hand lands from Rainey.

Page, hands down,showing his shoulder.

Jump knee from Page.

You see Rainey tryingto close the distance.

Uppercut from Page.

And Rainey seemsa little lost.

Yeah, he's hurt, I thinkthe little shots hurt him.

Doesn't have his legsunder him.

And he has Roy Jonesin him now, looking away.

And throwingthe counter-strike, man.

Page was lookingat the referee.

Kevin MacDonaldnot even looking at Rainey.

A look-away right hand lands,now looking in the crowd.

Man, you just don'tsee this very often.

Think about the dominantstriking styles

that have emergedover the 20 1/2 year history

of our sport, Jimmy.

Boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai.

You just don't seepoint fighting.

No, you don't,

but you also don't seepoint fighting like this.

I've seenpoint fighting before.

It's not done like this.

He's doing a very good jobof mixing things up

and landingmeaningful strikes.

Rainey has been rocked.

Straight left handfrom Page.

You see Raineybreathing heavily already.

I think he's just tired fromchasing Michael Page around.

Shoulder roll,the hand roll, the foot shuffle.

Look at the showboatingfrom Michael Page.


Shades of his countrymen fromboxing Prince Naseem Hamed.

Yeah, very true.

Crowd booing a little bit,

but it's up to Raineyto do something about it.

Halfway throughround number one.

I'm for the American-- I'm forroughly Pernell Whittaker,

but we're all different.

But stepping inbehind the jab,

he's landing meaningful shotswhen Rainey comes in.

He's not pitter-pat punching.

He's being very accurate.

And Rainey tryingto work to the inside,

trying to workto the clinch.

What he's caught Rainey doinga couple times is looking.

You don't wanna become anobserver in a fight like this.

Someone with Michael Page'skind of style,

you kinda end up looking at himrather than attacking him.

You cannot do that.

You can't becomea spectator.

Against reallyflashy strikers,

a lot of opponentsbecome spectators.

You can't let that happen.

Takedown from Rainey.

Page right backto his feet.

Never wentto the bottom position.

Rainey keeps loading upthe knee, but not throwing.

There's the separationfrom Page.

Jump knee!

Beautiful shot.

Spinning back fist.

Rainey bleedingout of his nose.

Page waves his right hand.

Again, looking away,switching stances.

Final minute, round number one.

That knee get closing distance,Page turning away.

Big right hand!

Kevin MacDonald steps in,and this fight is over.

A one-punchknockout win for Michael Page.

Just like that, he's 6-0.

Man, he just put the restof the division on notice.

That was a show, Sean.

That was a performance.

That's somethingyou don't see often in MMA.

It's like a brutaldance routine,

that's what we just saw.

And here was the shot,

caught him coming inright over the ear.

Beautiful accuracy.

Look at it--set him up with the jab,

and he came in overthe left hand of Ricky Rainey,

just enough overhandto that shot

to get over the guard.

Look at it here.

Put enough loop in itto get behind the ear.

I'll tell you what-- it's gonnabe hard to outstrike this kid.

Here's Michael Williams.

(Michael Williams)Ladies and gentlemeninside the Bellator cage.

One punch ends it,landing officially

4 minutes, 29 secondsinto round number 1,

the winner by TKO,

still undefeated,

Michael "Venom" Page!

The Englishman Michael Page.

Six fights, six wins,six finishes.

(announcer)Later tonight,it's winner-take-all

when Rampage Jackson goes to warversus King Mo.

Plus, Michael Chandlertakes on

"Ill" Will Brooksfor Bellator gold.

But up next, it'sthe heavyweight tournament final

as Blagoi Ivanov looks tocontinue his miraculous comeback

when he battlesAlexander Volkov.


You're watching Bellator MMAon Spike.

Next up for you,

it is the heavyweighttournament final,

Blagoi Ivanovversus Alexander Volkov.

The season nine heavyweighttournament began

with eight fighters,and Jimmy, now just two remain.

That's right, the opening roundfull of big heavyweights,

but Blagoi Ivanov over"Rare Breed" Rich Hale.

Demolished himfor three rounds,

almost got to finish here.

It was an amazing comebackfor Hale to stay in the fight.

Alexander Volkovagainst Mark Holata.

Look at these short punchesagainst the cage

from that distance--landed one right on the chin,

and that was all she wrotefor Mark Holata.

An easy first-round win.

That's what you wantin a tournament.

Quick finishes,that's what he got.

In the next round,of course,

against Lavar Johnsonand Mighty Mo respectively.

Lavar Johnson got taken downand submitted

by a key lockfrom Blagoi Ivanov

early in the fightafter overcoming a rough start.

And then, of course,Alexander Volkov,

the knockout we talked about,bang, right to the chin.

Look at it here,this high kick

was the end of the nightfor Mighty Mo.

A clean first-round knockout,and they head into our final.

One man wantsanother shot at the title,

but Blagoi Ivanovwants an end

to the greatest comebackin MMA history.

♪♪ (dramatic music)

(sportscaster)Good left hand by Ivanov.


Again, lookingfor the key lock.

There's the tap!

And the amazing comebackof Blagoi Ivanov continues.

From his deathbed

to the heavyweighttournament final.

(Michael Williams)Alexander "Drago" Volkov!

(sportscaster)Here's that kick--Alexander Volkov

is through to the heavyweighttournament final.

First round knockoutfor the former champion.

That's a big statementto the rest of the field.

Styles make fights--you have the striker

being Alexander Volkov,

and the grapplerbeing Blagoi Ivanov.

Alexander Volkov is 6'7".

He's gotan 81-inch reach.

(sportscaster)Bang, we knew it could endwith one shot.

Volkov can sit onthe outside,

and then,when he gets that opportunity,

go in for the kill.

4-0 since beingattacked and stabbed

in Bulgaria, February 2012,

literally staring deathin the face.

Ivanov going nowfor the guillotine.

There goes the tap!

Phenomenal comebackfrom Blagoi Ivanov.

(man)Blagoi Ivanov, he has returnedand has shown to be

one of the bestheavyweights in Bellator.

(sportscaster)Outside trip.

(man)If he gets youto the ground,

you have to be fearfulfor any type of submission.

(sportscaster)Going for the guillotine.

Jensen's out cold,just like that!

Good shot,another left hand!

Big shotsfrom Alexander Volkov!

And that is it!That's it!

A look now at the numbersin our tale of the tape.

You see here the heightand reach advantage

for Alexander Volkov.

That's what Blagoi Ivanovhas to overcome in this fight.

Here's Michael Williams.

(Michael Williams)Bellator MMA now

features threefive-minute rounds

in the toughest tournamentin sports.

And now, first,fighting out of the red corner.

At 6'1",weighing in 249.5 pounds,

the incredible comebackcontinues tonight

as the undefeatedprofessional enters

with 11 victories, no defeats.

Hailing from Sofia, Bulgaria,

introducingBlagoi "Bagata" Ivanov!

And across the cage,his opponent tonight,

fighting out ofthe blue corner.

At 6'7",weighing in 236.1 pounds,

the former Bellator heavyweightworld champion tonight

stands with 21 professionalvictories, 4 defeats.

Haling from andfighting out of Moscow, Russia,

Alexander "Drago" Volkov!

And the referee in chargeof the action, John Dixson.

(John Dixson)All right, guys,heavyweight fight.

Remember, no 12-6 elbows.

Watch the back of the heads,watch your groins and sides.

Any questions?

Shake 'em up.

Jimmy, your keys to victory

for this heavyweighttournament final.

Well, Blagoi Ivanov--get inside fast,

stay heavy in top control.

Alexander Volkovdoesn't have great submissions,

but he can spring backto his feet.

For Volkov, stay off the fence,and keep that jab working.

Scheduled for threefive-minute rounds.

The winner earnsa world title shot.

Ready here?

Ready here?Fight on!

Round number one.

The Bulgarian, Blagoi Ivanov,is in the white trunks.

The Russian, Alexander Volkov,in the black trunks.

(Jimmy)Blagoi Ivanov wants to getinside, but he cannot bull-rush.

We've been talking aboutthe power of Alexander Volkov.

Good left hand.

Let's not discount the powerof Blagoi Ivanov, though.

Very goodwith the short punches.

Ivanov right tothe inside now,

looking forthe single leg takedown.

One thing that's toughagainst a guy like Volkov

there rightin front of us

is fightingfor hand positioning.

He can reach your wristwith those long arms.

It's very difficultto hand-fight

with those guys sometimes.

Length is very deceptive.

Ivanov staying very tight.

Your arms all the way extended,and theirs isn't.

6'7", but weighing in236.1 pounds.

This is a fighter.

Walks right around 230.

He's actually triedto bulk up for this final.

He's just a different body typefrom what we normally see

in the elite levelsof heavyweights.

Yeah, very true.

Think traditionallyof very tall heavyweights

having to cut downwhen there were weight limits.

So you think in Europe, in Asia,fighters well over 265.

Ah, a little bit!

We're good, work.

Call for actionfrom referee John Dixson.

That's what I meant aboutthat wrist control.

Seems really hardto break that grip.

If your Blagoi Ivanov--nice knees from Volkov here.

Jimmy, we see how tight,how sticky Ivanov is staying.

Kick caught,right back inside comes Ivanov.

Little left handby Ivanov, stepping in.

Now, the body lockfrom Volkov.

Oh, good right hand!

Big right hand, and a leftto the body from Ivanov.

Again, right back inside.

And this is what he didagainst Rich Hill.

He threw punchesin order to close distance

and get into the clinch.

The combination,then the knee from Volkov.

1:25 remaining, round 1

of this heavyweighttournament final.

Volkov circles out.

Right there is the rangethat he wants.

Another right handfrom Ivanov.

With a left by Volkov.

You see these accurate shotsare landing right on the chin.

Accurate and straight, Jimmy,from the left-handed Volkov.

Hard to get insideof punches like that.

Final minute,round number one.

Push kick from Volkov.

Ivanov again trying to workto the inside with the overhook.

Volkov pulls out.

Volkov now in stalking mode.

There's the bell.

Up against the fence.

Ivanov showinghis punching power.

Nice overhand right.

Big wrist throwing--it kicked that close in,

but he threw it.

Volkov tryingto get his space,

but Ivanov landing some goodpunches on the inside.

Jimmy, your scorecard,round one.

Very close round,hard to score.

I went Blagoi Ivanov 10-9.

He landed some good shotsand kept the fight

where he wanted it,up against the fence.

But Volkov landed some goodpunches at the end of the round,

and judgestend to favor that.

You see Ivanovtrying to get to the inside.

Again, the push kickfrom Volkov, then the one-two.

Long jab from Volkov.

I saw that as one of the keysto the fight.

Keep that jab pumping.

Keep somethingin his face.

Blood now under the right eyeof Blagoi Ivanov.

Now it's disformedand slightly popped.

Looking for the throw.

The takedown,but a slick transition

to the back from Volkov.

Now lookingfor the rear naked choke,

and that is tightto finish!

He might have it.

Submitting the submission,and he got it!

The victoryfor Alexander Volkov!

Next stop, a rematchversus Vitaly Minakov

for Bellator'sHeavyweight World Title.

It took a momentary lapsefrom Blagoi Ivanov,

ended up in bad position.

And Alexander Volkov,the knockout specialist,

ends up getting the rearnaked choke submission.

22 pro MMA wins nowfor Alexander Volkov.

Just his secondby way of submission.

Look at it here.

The body lock outside trip,but look at the transition.

Volkov steps upusing that length.

Gets one hook in,look at the right one slip in.

Both hooks in.

And that armunderneath the chin,

look at it again,this beautiful transition.

That's what you can dowhen you're 6'7",

have legs that long.

Got that armunder the chin.

Blagoi fought itfor as long as he could,

but there's the tapwith the right hand.

Took all the submissionsof Blagoi Ivanov,

but it was Alexander Volkov'ssubmission skills

that win today.

Who would have expected it?This is MMA.

Great jobby Alexander Volkov.

Here is Michael Williams.

(Michael Williams)Ladies and gentlemen,inside the Bellator cage,

the tap comes by wayof a rear naked choke.

Official time 1'8" intoround number 2 by submission.

He is now the heavyweighttournament winner,

having earnedhis world title rematch,

Alexander "Drago" Volkov!

Alexander Volkov,patient in round number one,

taking advantageof a good scramble,

taking the back,and then finishing

with the submission victory.

(announcer)Still to come--King Mo and Rampage Jackson

finally settle the score.

Plus, Michael Chandlerlooks to become a world champion

once again when he takes on"Ill" Will Brooks.

But up next,the Huntington Beach bad boy

Tito Ortiz returns when he facesRussia's greatest fighter,

Alexander "Storm" Shlemenko.

A very intriguing fight now

in the lightheavyweight division.

It's Bellator's reigningmiddleweight champion,

Alexander Shlemenkoversus Tito Ortiz.

(announcer)A fighter gains respect

through his abilityto put another man down--

(sportscaster)Big shots--and that is it!

(announcer)And persevere through pain,

to will himself to victorytime and time again.

Every timeI step into the cage,

I am a better fighter.

(announcer)Alexander Shlemenko is a man

who has earned his measureof respect.

At seven,Shlemenko started kickboxing.

By 17, he wasa teenage boy

beating grown menin Russia's combat league.

(sportscaster)Oh, big head kick!

(announcer)Shlemenko has fought57 professional fights

around the world.

He has won 50 of them.

Shlemenko has made his mark

as the best Russian fighterin the sport today

and as the Bellatormiddleweight world champion.

I have givenmy sweat and blood

to be a world champion.

(sportscaster)Shlemenko got the guillotine!

I do not believe it!

Now, I must builda legacy.

(announcer)But the first step on that questis not a simple one.

He must take outan MMA legend,

Tito Ortiz,a man who has persevered,

overcoming several careerthreatening injuries...

It's the nightbefore my surgery

here in Las Vegasfor my neck.

I'm scared,but I can't fight hurt anymore.

(announcer)Including a fractured neck...

to come back and competein the sport he pioneered.

I wanna show what hard workand dedication can achieve.

No matter what injuriesyou've gone through,

no matter what surgeriesyou've gone through,

you can achieveanything you believe in.

I've been in this gamefor 17 years.

I've foughteverybody under the sun.

I look on my Twitter,and I'm getting called out

by Bellator's185-pound champion.

He's got some good ballsstepping up,

asking me for a fight.

I'll give it to him.

(sportscaster)Man, I am so excitedfor this fight.

(Shlemenko)This fight,it's about opportunity.

To become great, you mustfight anyone, anywhere.

To be a legend,you must beat a legend.

Well, when I was a kid,

I always used to playwith rag dolls.

Grab the doll, and you shakethe shit out of it,

and you slam iton the ground.

When I graba hold of him,

he's literally gonnashit himself.

I will rag doll him.

That's my job.

(Shlemenko)Tito may be bigger.

So what?My heart is greater.

I welcome this challengebecause that is who I am.

(sportscaster)Shlemenko has a nice guillotine,and he gets it!

I want it.


(Michael Williams)And now, set to make his wayto the Bellator cage,

the people's champion,

Tito Ortiz!

39-year-old Tito Ortiz setto make his Bellator debut.

Ten years older,and after rehydration,

at least 20 pounds heavier

than his opponentAlexander Shlemenko.

Beyond that,your body's natural frame--

I mean, I can get up,If I really tried,

to maybe 215, 220.

I'm not carryingall this muscle.

My framedoesn't hold it well.

This guy is naturallyso much bigger.

His frame holdsso much more muscle.

That's what Alexander Shlemenkohas to overcome in this fight.

Ortiz told us, Jimmy,he wants a fast start,

take this to the ground,and be extremely heavy

and smotheringwith his top game.

Advantage, Tito Ortiz.

This is a guy that,once he took you down

and once he got on top,start your stopwatch.

The fightwas gonna be over.

He devastated guyswith that top control,

that attack,that ground and pound.

Question is--how close is this

to the vintage Tito Ortiz?

That's what needsto come out tonight.

Love him, hate him,

you can't ignore himif you're an MMA fan.

It's mostly hate himin the MMA community,

but when he came out, man,

this whole crowd got on its feetand started screaming.

He still electrifies fans.

But, man, you know,it's one of those things.

He's polarizing, you love himor you hate him.

Ortiz in assessingShlemenko's striking said

"Very, very predictable.

One, two, three,he telegraphs his shots."

He also said, "He triesthat spinning back fist,

"I'm gonna punch himin the face.

"A lot of fightershave told us

"that the spinning back fistworks on everyone.

It will not work on me."

(cheers and applause)

Now runningto make his way to the cage,

Alexander "Storm" Shlemenko!


Bellator's reigningmiddleweight world champion,

Alexander Shlemenko.

50 pro MMA wins,

37 of thoseby way of finish.

What's importantto keep in mind--

you said it before,and I agree with you.

There are knockout artists,

and thenthere are TKO artists.

Some people disagreewith that assessment.

I think it's accurate.

Some guys hit you onceand knock you out,

you don't knowwhere you are.

He generallydoesn't fight that way.

He overwhelms guys.

He finds his openingand lands a lot of punches

in order to finish them.

Doesn't have a lot of one-punchknockout power at middleweight,

and he's fighting a naturallight heavyweight tonight.

He's gotta angle,he has to be very accurate.

He has to hit the same spotover and over.

When we talked to himabout this fight, he said,

"I don't think I can knockTito out with one shot.

I have to overwhelm him."

92 to 24 advantagein power kicks,

kicks to the body,I think they're a big part

of his attack tonight.

And Jimmy, that'swhat Shlemenko told us--

be relentless on body attacks.

Punches, knees,kicks to Tito Ortiz's body.

Focused lookon the face of Tito Ortiz.


Let's do the numbers--here's our tale of the tape.

And what else can you highlightbut the weight?

This is the guywho tried to gain weight

and only got upto 201.9.

Tito Ortiz, 205 1/2.

He's a good220, 225 tonight.

Once again, Michael Williams.

Bellator MMA now moves tothe light heavyweight division.

Three five-minute rounds.

And now, introducing first,fighting out of the blue corner.

At 6'2",weighing in 205.5 pounds,

the formerworld champion tonight,

making his Bellator debut,brings a professional record

with 16 victories, 11 defeats,with one draw.

Ladies and gentlemen,the MMA legend

hailing fromHuntington Beach, California,

introducingthe people's champion,

Tito Ortiz!

(cheering and applause)

And across the cage,his opponent tonight,

fighting out of the red corner.

At 5'11",weighing in 201.9 pounds,

the reigning Bellatormiddleweight world champion.

Tonight, stepping up in weight,holds an incredible record.

50 professional victories,7 defeats,

hailing from Omsk, Russia,

presentingAlexander "Storm" Shlemenko!


And when the bell rings,the referee in charge

of the action,Big John McCarthy.

Jimmy, your keys to victoryfor this fight.

Alexander Shlemenko,test Ortiz early.

He's had a long layoff.

Catch him withthat ring rust still on,

and keep the pressure on.

Tito, keep him against thefence, protect the midsection.

He has deadlyliver attacks.

I have been looking forwardto this fight.

You ready?Let's get on!

And round number one.

He looks like a giantversus a regular dude.

Shlemenko the Russianin the black trunks.

Ortiz in the white trunks.

They look aboutthree weight classes apart.

Hard-- you know,hard to understand.

Ortiz to the inside.

There's the body kick,and another from Shlemenko.

It looks like Tito's headcould make middleweight.

That is the lineof the night.

I call ithow I see it, man.

(all)Tito! Tito!

He's gotta come in thereand work the takedown.

He's tried a couple times,but he hasn't committed to it.

Big chants of "Tito, Tito"from the Landers Center crowd.

This is not where Titowants to be.

He looks rusty,he's waiting on Shlemenko.

Feint on a shotfrom Ortiz.

Shlemenko justshrugged him off.

That's not a good sign.

And this is what I meanabout that ring rust

early in the fight.

Tito's had a long layoff,don't let him warm up.

Shlemenko, true to his word,attacking the body.

Spinning back fist.

Another thing you haveto wonder about is

how long has Shlemenkobeen carrying this weight?

Is he used to walking aroundthis heavy?

Will it take some of his gasbeing at 201 pounds?

Most middleweights,that would sound weird.

They walk normally around200 at least.

But not Shlemenko,he's carrying

a lot of extra weightin there.

Douglas Lima, our Bellatorwelterweight world champion,

walked heavierby about ten pounds.

Yeah, he's much biggerthan Shlemenko.

About 205.

Knee to the body,Shlemenko holding the overhook.

It's not the first timehe's targeted the body.

Successful takedown by Tito--what can Tito do with it?

He's in a wrestling rideright now,

going for the spiral ride.

Trying to flattenShlemenko out.

It's a good way to open upthe hits for the hooks as well.

Shlemenko has trained heavily

for takedown defensein this fight.

Look at those eyes wide,I'm sure he's thinking--

he's goingfor the arm triangle!

Looking for that head-and-armchoke to finish this is Ortiz!

He might have it.

That's-- he's--I think he's--

is he out?

That is--I think he's out, he's out!

A technical submission winfor Tito Ortiz

as he chokesAlexander Shlemenko unconscious!

Tito Ortiz is back.

As soon as he locked inthe submission, it was done.

Too much weight,too much strength.

Shlemenko had no way outonce Tito Ortiz was on top.

That was the game plan.

As soon as he got it,that was lights out

for Alexander Shlemenko.

Great recognitionfrom John McCarthy

to see that Shlemenkowas unconscious

and rule the technical sub winfor Tito Ortiz.

Got the takedown, it's calleda spiral ride in wrestling

when he's coming underneaththe arm, then chops the arm.

Now, look at the eyesof Alexander Shlemenko.

What he is thinking now is,"Man, this is a gigantic dude.

This is a ton of weight."

You don't understand ittill you feel it.

And this arm triangle,this is deep, it is done.

Look at the hips.

Keeping them nice and low.

Shlemenko looks likehe's about to tap here,

but you seehis leg go limp.

I think excellent awarenesshere, look at the hips.

As soon as they fall,that's when Big John

jumps onand stops this fight.

Great performanceby Tito Ortiz.

(Michael Williams)Ladies and gentlemen,inside the Bellator cage

with the arm triangle chokein deep.

Referee John McCarthysteps in and waves it off.

The official time,2 minutes, 27 seconds

into round number 1,

the winner by submission,the people's champion,

Tito Ortiz!

(cheers and applause)

Despite the defeat,Alexander Shlemenko, of course,

remains Bellator'smiddleweight world champion

because this fight inthe light heavyweight division.

And Tito Ortiz is back.

(announcer)Still to come--the main event.

Rampage Jackson and King Mo

go head-to-headin the Bellator cage.

But up next, Michael Chandlerand Will Brooks

battle for the interimlightweight world title.

Jam-packed as you seeat the Landers Center.

Headed your way now, scheduledfor five five-minute rounds,

the fight for Bellator'sinterim lightweight world title,

Tournament winner Will Brooks

versus former Bellatorlightweight world champion

Michael Chandler.

(Michael Chandler)You look at the greatestfighters of all time.

They have allsuffered losses.

Everybody wants to knowhow am I gonna bounce back.

It fueleda new fire in me.

It just so happensthat tonight,

I get to go out there and showit's not against Eddie Alvarez,

it's against Will Brooks.


Chandler's looking to finish,and he does!

(Will Brooks)When I got the newsI was fighting Michael Chandler,

life has given methe opportunity to be great.

I've been so readyfor this.

My entire lifehas brought me to this moment.

I'm here to take it.

(Jimmy)Big strikes now from Brooks.

Oh, that cut is bad, Sean,he's looking for the finish.

And that's it!

(Michael Williams)Will Brooks!

(Michael Chandler)I was put on this planet to bethe best lightweight on earth,

and I believe thatwith every ounce of my being.

I don't think Will Brooksbelieves that about himself.

Right now, he's looking past me,and that's a problem.

He doesn't have that desirelike he used to have.

I just don't thinkhe's got it anymore.

I think he got comfortablewith being in the spotlight.

I think he got comfortable

wanting to make surehis hair looked good.

(Michael Chandler)I only know one way to fight,and that's in your face

for as long and as hardas I can.

(sportscaster)Oh, my God, this is over!

A lot of peoplebreak under that.

Will Brooks is gonnafeel that tonight.

And I ain'tworried about nothing.

I just wanna go smash him'cause I can.

I'm going out there,I'm doing what makes me happy,

and what makes me happy

is taking everythingfrom another man.

This is my night,and I'm gonna take it.

(Michael Chandler)This fight is strictlyfor entertainment.

I'm gonna go in there,and I'm gonna put on

a great performance,a dominant performance.

This sport doesn't needany more Will Brookses,

the kind of guyswho wanna go out there

and lay on you,and pitter-pat you.

This sport needs guyslike myself

who are gonna go out there,get their hands on people,

and dominate people.

That's why peoplewatch the sport,

and that's-- that's that.

Here's our tale of the tape.

Similar records,but Michael Chandler,

more big fightsunder the big lights.

That might be key.

Again, Michael Williams.

(Michael Williams)Bellator MMA now

features fivefive-minute rounds

for the interim Bellatorlightweight world championship.

And now, introducing first,fighting out of the red corner.

At 5'10",weighing in 154.2 pounds,

earning his world title shot

as a Bellatortournament winner.

He enters tonightwith 13 professional victories,

just one defeat,

hailing from and fightingout of Chicago, Illinois,

presenting "Ill" Will Brooks.

(light cheering)

And across the cage,his opponent tonight,

fighting outof the blue corner.

At 5'8",weighing in at 154.9 pounds,

the former Bellatorlightweight world champion,

stands near perfectas a professional.

12 victories, only one defeat.

Originally fromHigh Ridge, Missouri,

he fights out ofSan Diego, California.

Introducing Michael Chandler!

(cheers and applause)

And the referee in chargeof the action, Kevin MacDonald.

(Kevin MacDonald)All right, guys, five rounds forthe interim lightweight belt.

I want a good,clean, fair fight.

Any questions, red?Any questions, blue?

If you wanna touch gloves,do it now, good luck.

Jimmy, what about itfor your keys

to victory for both fighters?

For Will Brooks,get the takedown going.

I talked about the problemshe might have with that.

Turn up the pressurein the late rounds.

Michael Chandlerhad trouble with his gas

in his last fightagainst Eddie Alvarez.

Michael Chandler,make it a boxing match,

and when striking, don't letBrooks play the outside.

He likes that rangy gamewith a lot of kicks.

Scheduled for fivefive-minute rounds.

The winner claimsBellator's interim

lightweight world championship.

You ready to fight?You ready to fight?

Let's go!

Round number one,both fighters

immediately to the centerof the Bellator cage.

Brooks in the red trunks,Chandler in the gray trunks.

And immediately, the takedownfrom Michael Chandler.

Open guard,now close guard from Brooks.

Was Chandler telling usabout a fast start?

Right in there.

Straight for the takedown,got it easily.

That was the good part.

The bad part iswith Brooks now,

on his backwhere he's not used to being.

The ugly isif Michael Chandler

gets some space and landsthat ground and pound.

He has viciousground and pound from the top.

Patricky Freire found that outthe hard way.

Already a chant of"Let's go, Michael."

Chandler smart and lethal,grinding his head forward.

Staying very tightin this top position.

A butterfly guardfrom Brooks.

Short right handsfrom Chandler.

Hooks with a body lockand lets it go, Jimmy.

Well, Brooks so far doinga good job with his guard,

keeping Chandler close,exploding back to his feet.

Excellent job.

Underneath from Brooksin this separation.

Chandler coming forward.

You see that tendencyChandler has

to drop his handsand come in a little wild.

Chandler missesover the top.

Good knee from Brooks.

Will Brooks mix it up?

A wide variety of strikes.

Take advantage of hisathleticism, his explosiveness.

Keep Chandler guessing.

Chandler looked for the levelchange, couldn't find it.

Halfway throughround number one.

Foot stomp from Chandler.

Wide base.

Brooks unableto defend that takedown.

Power and techniquefrom Chandler.

That's twiceyou seen them wrestling.

Advantage of Michael Chandler.

Brooks has dealtwith it well so far, though.

Brooks trying to cage-walkfrom the open guard.

Don't grab it!

Kevin MacDonaldjust warned Brooks

don't grab the linksof the cage with your toes.

You see Chandler posturing up,back down to one knee.

Trying, Jimmy, to findthe ground and pound range.

Will Brooks so fardoing a good job

keeping it sticky,keeping in close.

Chandler now grinding awayfrom the closed guard

of Brooks withthe elbow, the forearm.

Left elbow again.

Something very importantto keep in mind.

His entire camp,

Michael Chandler was trainingfor a five-round fight.

Will Brooks was not.

Outstanding point.

It becomes a matterof who's spending

more energyin these opening rounds.

Chandler might justhave a bigger gas tank

because of the traininghe did.

Elbows, short formsfrom Chandler.

Final seconds now,round number one.

Brooks holdingthat high closed guard.

More elbows from Chandler.

Ten seconds, guys.

Brooks holdinga tight closed guard.

(bell rings)Clean break!

The bell at the endof round one.

Nice double leg.

Got two of them goingin that round.

I think that'san important statement

'cause that's an advantageBrooks has always had

in previous fights.

If he's knocked down, startthrowing heavy shots, okay?

(continues advising)

So, if he getsa left butterfly hook,

drop your weight on him,okay?

We're breathing but workingwhile we're in there.

Breathing and working.It's your round.

Heading into round number twoof this Bellator

interim lightweightworld title fight.

Will Brooksversus Michael Chandler.

(ring bell dinging)

Jimmy, your scorecard?

10-9, Michael Chandler.

The takedowns he showed,I think,

will be the deciding factor.

Good top control, a little bitof ground and pound.

Didn't do a ton of damage,

but winning the takedown battle,that's round number one.

I think Chandler right nowis realizing

that a quick finishis gonna be difficult here.

See the level changefrom Chandler,

again lookingfor the takedown on Brooks.

One thing you seewhen you're locked up,

Brooks is a verybig lightweight.

He's bigger than Chandler.

Obviously, a lotof physical strength.

Not only is he athleticand explosive,

but also a giantat this weight class.

Into the body from Brooks.

Chandler again coming forwardafter backing off.

Brooks has to take advantageof those wild punches.

When Chandler swingslike that and misses,

Chandler can'tjust get out of--

I mean, Brooks can't just getout of the way and come back.

He's gotta make him payfor those wild punches.

In their last fight,that's what Eddie Alvarez

did so effectively.

Brooks ever so slightlytrying to turn up

his striking herein round two.

Chandler looking againfor a takedown.

He gets it.

And it's that last double leghe's hitting every single time.

Right hands to the body.

Brooks, Jimmy,proud of his MMA career.

13 and 1 his recordentering this fight.

He's been so goodwith his takedowns.

He hasn't even feinted a shotagainst Chandler in this fight.

And hasn't hadmuch of a defense.

As soon as Chandlercommits with his hips,

it's been all over.

When you talkabout the difference

between high-level wrestling

and high-level wrestlingin MMA,

it's that it's a simpler kindof takedown generally speaking.

It's like a blast double.

You get right inbehind the legs,

and you lift him,and you dump him.

You don't see a lot of low,single legs and ankle kicks,

the stuff you seein high-level wrestling.

You see simple takedowns,and that's what Chandler has.

Very powerful takedowns.

Simple double leg,gets around the hips,

and lifts youand drops you.

Body, head, body, headfrom Michael Chandler.

You've said it before,I mean,

Michael Chandler,Division I wrestler at Mizzou.

Will Brooks never stepped footon a Division I wrestling mat.

That's important.

That level is incredible.

Brooks looking for the sweep,couldn't find it.

Right into the openhalf guard of Will Brooks.

Thudding right hand

from the former champion,Michael Chandler.

And Brooks tryingto sit up and through.

Good control and top gamefrom Chandler, Jimmy.

And he's not usedto being here.

That is hugein terms of his gas,

in terms of his attitude,his frustration level.

World champion in jiu-jitsu,you can take them down.

They can stay in guard,and not get flustered

and be therefor a long time,

but he's used to beingthe one on top.

Now fightingback to his feet.

Chandler getting high,Brooks out the back door.

And there is a takedownon Michael Chandler

from Will Brooks.

Excellent job.

Chandler going hard for thesweep, but giving up his back.

Brooks one hook in.

That's the last thingChandler wanted to do.

A big technical mistake.

And a huge turn of eventsin the Bellator cage!

Both hooks in!

Brooks now thinkingrear naked choke to finish.

A great explosion by Chandler,who's back on top.

Just like thatfor Michael Chandler.

Remember the Eddie Alvarezfight, he was in trouble.

Explodes at the right time,ends up on top.

So many high-levelwrestlers, Jimmy,

in MMA dowhat Chandler is doing.

It's smart, it's legalleading with the head.

The head is a weaponin wrestling.

It's not a head butt,it's a pivot.

You see Chandlerusing it effectively

there against Will Brooks.

25 seconds remaining,round number 2.

Low closed guardfrom Will Brooks.

Throwing right hands to theribcage from flat on his back.

Ten seconds, guys.

Chandler tryingto turn up the volume.

Watch the head. Stop!(bell rings)

The end of roundnumber two.

Look here, Will Brooks,both hooks in.

Excellent position.

Watch the explosion.

Little bit of wrist control,and then boom.

Spins around,ends up on top.

Great timing, great explosion.

His fiancee was watching,I don't think she can look.

It's gonna bea long night for her.

We're only at the endof the second round.

Again, scheduledfor five five-minute rounds.

The winner claims gold.

Bellator's interimlightweight world title.

(ring bell dinging)

Jimmy, your scorecardfor two rounds.

Two rounds to nonefor Michael Chandler.

Won it to 18.

Watching the step of Chandlerto start round number three.

And now, it's Brooks comingforward and Chandler circling.

(Jimmy)Will Brooks got his timing alittle bit in that second round.

Oh, nice left hook.

Clean, straight leftfrom Chandler.

This is with that right.

He likesthose winning punches.

Big risk in strikeslike that.

Big reward, but big risk.

Sprawl from Brooks.

Simultaneous knees.

See, against most guys,that would be a takedown,

that turn and throw.

It would fling most guys,but not Michael Chandler.

It's that experience factor.

Oh, went forthe head-and-arm throw.

Once again, high-reward,high-risk move.

You don't often see--you see it a lot in judo,

a lot in wrestling,you don't see a lot

in jiu-jitsu and MMA 'causeyou end up giving up your back.

Easy uppercut for Brooks.

He missed with the uppercut.

The fightersshowing their athleticism.

Brooks turning upthe temperature, Jimmy,

with his ground game,his aggression level.

He is, but the problemhere for Chandler

is his defense tends to be

turn to his stomachand then explode,

a wrestling-style escape,

and that can be really,really dangerous in MMA.

Both hooks in againfor Will Brooks.

He had both hooks inin round number two.

Second time Brookshas taken the back of Chandler,

and Chandler againtrying to turn out.

Now goingto the body triangle.

Really hard to turn outof a body triangle.

Tight body triangleby Brooks

stops the turnof Michael Chandler.

Brooks letting gowith right hands.

The guy with long legs, man.

It takes all the windout of you

when you have a body triangle.

Keep playing!

Big shots, Chandlerthen turning into it.

A transition to full mount,he's in trouble here.

It's exactlywhere he did not wanna be.

Chandler is cutoutside of his left eye.

If he turns it on here,he can finish this fight.

Kevin MacDonaldtaking a really close look.

More shots from Will Brooks.

(Jimmy)On the ground, Chandler has madea series of technical mistakes.

Now, he's paying for them.

He's exploding now,holding on to Brooks.

The body-lock positionwill only hold for so long.

Brooks still in full mount,

trying to unload withfull-on ground and pound,

the short elbow another.

Michael Chandlerdefeated Eddie Alvarez

when no one gave hima chance.

No one gaveWill Brooks a chance.

Now, Chandler's getting a tasteof his own medicine,

but he powers out.

The power of the explosion,but Brooks follows Chandler in.

1:25 remaining, round three.

(Jimmy)Tremendous heart, he has ahungry kid coming after him now.

Now, it's Chandlerthat has to dig deep

and show that veteran poise

'cause right now,Will Brooks smells blood,

and he's all over him.

Brooks turning,trying to take the back.

Chandler back to his feet.

Brooks follows, lands thestanding elbow, then the head.

Oh, that hurt him.

Right on the jaw, Chandlerlooking up at the clock.

Brooks coming forwardwith bad intentions.

Another head-kick lands!

Chandler cannot see the endof this round fast enough.

The level change,the takedown from Will Brooks.

And he gives up his backyet again.

One hook in, back to the bodytriangle for Will Brooks.

And ratherthan just close guard,

and try and ride outthe round,

he gives up his back.

Huge mistake.

20 seconds remainingin this third round.

All Will Brooksat the moment.

He's going to the well toomany times with this escape,

giving up his backand then turning.

Now, Will Brooksswitching to the body triangle.

Much harder to turn outof that position.

A big round for Will Brooks,and there's the bell.

It started here,

secured around the back,some nice shots.

And when Chandler turned,ended up mounted.

Will Brooks with thoselong legs, very tight mount.

Chandler holding on, and--

'cause he explodedat the right time.

Able to get backto his feet,

but ate a lot of shotson the feet as well.

And that left eyeonce again closing up.

Eddie Alvarez tortured that eyein their last fight.

He had a lotof eye swelling.

To the championship roundswe go.

Round number four,and there's the bell.

Jimmy, your scorecard,obviously for Brooks,

10-9 or 10-8?

I went 10-9.

You could easily go 10-8

depending onhow you saw it--

how close you saw the fightto ending.

I went 10-9.

Round 3, 34 to nothingin ground strikes.

It was a 10-8'cause that is a wipeout.

That stat courtesyof Compustrike.

I want it to be 10-8 and 10-9,very difficult in MMA.

No clear rule like in boxingwhen there's a knockout.

I'm sorry, a knockdown.

What you look forfor a 10-8--

significant impact,total domination.

Obviously, both criteriaopen to interpretation.

Brooks looks likehe has a lot of gas right now.

Like you say,in the first two rounds...

on the bottom,but hard to kill.

And now he's back,dominating the third round,

coming back in the fourth,great pacing from Will Brooks.

And another takedownfor Brooks.

Brooks againlooking to take the back.

And again, both hooks in.

Chandler cannotkeep making this mistake.

At the level, you cannotgive up position like this.

Blood just pouringout of the cut

outside of Chandler'sleft eyebrow.

Will Brooks doing exactlywhat he's supposed to do,

taking advantage.

Don't reach in the gloves,guys, just grab around.

Chandler reachinginto the gloves.

Brooks called him outon that.

Talked to Kevin MacDonald,there was the warning.

Now, he's grabbingaround the gloves.

You cannot grabyour opponents gloves.

Another explosion.

Man, he's playingwith fire with that.

First time in his career

Will Brooks has seenround number four.

Chandler has been heretwice before,

both timesversus Eddie Alvarez.

Chandler trying to gethis ground and pound

going once again.

And the closed guard ofWill Brooks now opens his guard.

He's complainingabout something again.

Grabbing his shorts,I believe.

Just like the gloves,you can grab your own shorts.

You cannot grabyour opponents'.

Let's go, guys.

A call for actionfrom Kevin MacDonald.

Well, Michael Chandler,like I said,

trained fora five-round fight.

But he's been in bad positiona lot of this fight,

and he tends to come outand spend a lot of energy.

You talked abouta quick finish.

He might have more gas,

only he's spending itthat wisely.

He looks very tiredin this fourth round.

Brooks looking overto his corner.

Chandler staying heavy,staying aggressive.

Body hitwith the right hand.

Close round,but I think Chandler's

winning it backwith this top pressure.

Stop, stop, up!Come on, let's go!

The stand-upfrom Kevin MacDonald.

Not enough for the referee.

Up... let's go!

Good right handon the inside from Brooks.

Beautiful timing,and coming in now.

Chandler now lookingfor the single leg.

But now, he's slowing down,Will Brooks taking advantage.

He is now grounded.

Chandler grounding himselfwith the right hand.

Over there,go to neutral, all right?

That's an illegal knee thrownand delivered by Will Brooks.

MacDonald all over that,calls time.

I know he did pull his handoff the ground.

I wanna seeif that was in time.

Sit there, hang tight.

I think he may have pulledhis hand off the ground.

His hand was down,all right?

I'm just gonnacheck and see--

No, didn't come up in time,I don't think.

Yeah, when his knee came up,I thought maybe

he pulled his handoff the mat and then kneed.

That's a veteran move,but no, that knee lands

while his hand is stillon the ground.

(MacDonald)Do you want to seethe doctor?

He gave Michael Chandler a breakright when he needed one.

If you want, I can call him infor a consult, or--


All right, I'm gonna go tellthe commission table

to give you a coupleof seconds, all right?

That's generous,a couple seconds.

He's gonna be ableto continue, so...

All right, we good?

Under the unified rules,

it's a quote-unquote"reasonable amount of time

given to the fouled fighterin this situation."

Michael Chandler saw it.

That's the reasonable amount oftime I need.

Ready to resumeround number four.

Let's go, time!

(round bell dinging)

Apology, great sportsmanshipfrom Brooks.

Apology accepted from Chandler.

I have this roundjust about even right now.

Whoever controlsthis last minute

ices it in the eyesof the judges.

Beautiful head kick, fast.

And that's withthe power side.

Again, the shot from Chandler,again the sprawl.

Brooks immediatelytakes his back.

Slick transition,and both hooks in.

20 seconds remainingin round number four.

Brooks lookingfor the rear naked choke.

In a crank positionright now.

On the jaw line.

You've gotta controlthat left arm.

Ten seconds, guys.

Brooks back to thebody triangle for control.

(bell rings)Stop!

And here comes the fifthand final round.

The hook--the hook lands, okay?

The hook lands twice,and it rocks him twice.

High and low, one, two,three, he'll be there.

Okay?Don't overextend.

If it's not there,it's not there.

If you miss, you miss.

We just gotta keeppressing forward.


The game endswith a hook inside.

I want you to beinside your guard.

I want a body lock on him,but, no, I want you tops.

I don't want himto be on your chest

when you have your backon the ground, okay?

(overlapping chatter)

You gotta pushon those scrambles, Mike.

(Michael Williams)Ladies and gentlemen,

we have gone tothe fifth and final round!

(cheering and applause)

The deepest of deep water.

Round number fiveof this Bellator

interim lightweightworld title fight.

The winner claims gold.

Will that be season ninetournament winner Will Brooks

or former Bellator lightweightworld champion Michael Chandler?

Second careerround number five for Chandler.

As we mentioned earlier,Brooks previous to this fight

had never gone pastthree rounds.

Jimmy, your scorecard?

I have it all even,two rounds apiece.

It all comes downto the fifth round.

See Chandler tryingto land that leaping left hook.

Will Brooks tryingto counter over the top

with the right hand.

A low kick from Brooks.

Oh, nice uppercut.

A cut to counterthe level change.

Chandler undeterred,driving right back in.

Balance and defensethus far from Brooks.

Takedowns that are early

but are easy early onin a fight,

not so muchin the fifth round.

See Brooks holdingthat wide defensive base.

Chandler tenacious.Beautiful transition.

Chandler-- I'm sorry, Brooks,though, still scrambling,

trying to keepthat right hip off the ground.

See Brooks controllingthe right ankle of Chandler.

Over the top and out, bothfighters back to their feet.

Good left jab from Brooks.

Once again, the left sideof Michael Chandler's face

is a complete mess.

Chandler keepinghimself grounded,

now back to his feet.

Still knee the ribs.

Both hands up.

Short four by Brooks.

Good lead left hookfrom Chandler.

Exploding back with straightpunches and coming forward.

In wrestling freestyle,we call it a five-point throw.

Beautiful job.

Belly to backon that takedown.

Brooks... high one hook in.

Over the top,well defended by Chandler.

Chandler now sucking in the legof Brooks with his own leg.

All the peopleare disappointed

that Chandler-Alvarez threedid not happen.

Couldn't have been a wholelot better than this fight.

It's been close,it's been back and forth.

It all comes downto the fifth round.

Another greatlightweight fight.

Both fighters have hadtheir moments of greatness,

their moments of dominance.

Both fighters have lookedin trouble, and we fight on.

1:50 remainingin this title fight.

If Chandler getsthis takedown,

he could secure this roundand this fight.

Chandler lookingfor the ankle pick.

And went for low single leg.He needs to get his head up.

Will Brooks showing greatbalance, but he needs space.

He needs to hop outof his position.

He needs to get backto standing, and he does it.

Good lead left hookfrom Chandler coming forward.

I don't thinkhe hurt Brooks.

(overlapping shouting)

Looks like he was outfor a second.

25th and final minuteof this fight.

Going for the arm triangle.

That's how he gotMarcin Held.

Chandler trying to pass onthe head-and-arm choke.

Full mount.

Trying to finish in the closingseconds of this fight.

He's gotta get his foreheadto the ground.

Has to hop over,put his hips deep.

Will Brooks looks likehe's riding this position out,

but he may lose the round.

Now, he's gothis position--

his hips inthe right position.

Cannot get it.

Chandler lost the head-and-armchoke, still has full mount.

That could've won the roundand the fight for him.

Ten seconds remaining,a phenomenal fight.

Ten seconds, guys.

And everyone in thisauditorium is on their feet,

as they should be.

Stop!Five rounds up,five rounds down.

Absolutely outstanding

from both Will Brooksand Michael Chandler.

We knew Chandler had heart.

If we needed any more proof,that last round,

the last minute, I thoughthe established himself

in that roundand won this fight.

Do the judges agree?

Throughout the fight,it was back and forth.

It started out Chandler's waywith the takedown early.

Will Brooks, though,getting his timing

and almost finishedthe fight with the mount,

the ground and pound.

Versatility in his offense,his confidence growing.

The left sideof Chandler's face swelling up

as Will Brooks got backinto this fight

in rounds three and four.

All came down to championshiptime in the fifth round.

Here's how it happened.

Punches drivingWill Brooks back.

That punch clipped him.

Down he goes.

I thought Will Brooks was outfor a second, I was wrong.

This kid's got a chin.

Transitioned to the mount,the arm triangle.

Looks like Will Brooks justlost his footing.

Look at this beautifulground and pound here,

ending up on top.

Man, I do not know--

I do not wanna knowwhat it's like

to be his familywatching this.

Their heart rate'sgotta be through the roof.

Mutual respect-- boththese guys are warriors.

What class from Chandler,helping up Will Brooks.

Jimmy, for you, who wins thisfight, who takes this title?

I gave the last roundto Michael Chandler, 10-9.

He wins it three rounds to two,but man, close fight.

To end all suspense,here's Michael Williams.

(Michael Williams)Ladies and gentlemen,after five non-stop rounds

of action insidethe Bellator cage,

we'll goto your judges scorecards.

Your first judge, Larry Ingle,scores the fight 48 to 47.

He sees the fightfor Chandler.

Your second judge, Rob Hinds,scores the fight 48-47.

He sees the fightfor Brooks.

Your third and final judge,Todd Anderson,

scores the fight 48-47 forthe winner by split decision.

And now the interim Bellatorlightweight world champion,

"Ill" Will Brooks!

(cheers and applause)

An elated and triumphantWill Brooks

records a major upset

in the biggest winof his career,

as he takes the title.

(man)Oh, my God.

Oh, my God,I love you, man.

You did it, you did it!You did it, man!

How cruel are split decisions?

Even more so in five-roundchampionship fights.

What class, what sportsmanshipbetween these two.

Let's go to Jimmy.


(Jimmy)I'm here with the interimlightweight champion,

"Ill" Will Brooks.

This was the biggestopportunity of your career.

You had the fightof your career.

How does it feelto have this title

around your waist, man?

Man, I-- this isan amazing thing to have.

But honestly, man,that was amazing.

I've been waitingfor an opportunity

to just come out here andslug it out with somebody,

and I've just been tryingto get better as a fighter.

And to get an opportunityto fight a guy like Chandler,

it was just an amazing fight,it was just fun.

At one point, I wasn'teven concerned about the belt.

I just wanted to (bleep)slug it out with this dude

and fight, man--it was fun.

When you had full mountup against the fence,

close to stopping that fight,you were unloading,

did you think, "What is itgonna take to stop this kid?"

What were your thoughts whenit went back to the feet?

Hell, yeah, man,I was, like,

"I don't thinkI can hit this dude

any cleaner than whatI'm hitting him."

And I just lookedin his eyes, man,

and I saw a dude that's--he's been a champion

for a long time now,he's still a champion.

Belt or no belt,we're all champions.

To come in hereand do what we do,

to entertain the fans,boos, cheers, whatever,

I got all respectfor that man.

Speaking of that man,Michael Chandler.

Michael, can I get youfor a second, man?

Every time you stepinto the Bellator cage,

you give me a fight that I'mprivileged to call, man.

I know you're disappointed,but that was an amazing fight.

I just wanna thank you on behalfof the fans, man.

Yeah, thank everybodyfor came out--

everybody who came out.

This was, by far, the worstperformance of my life.

Um... A lot of differentthings going on,

so congratulations, Will.

Um, I'll be back stronger.

I want everyone to give it upfor two warriors,

Will Brooksand Michael Chandler,

ladies and gentlemen.

(Sean)Even in defeat,Michael Chandler remains

one of the best lightweightsin the sport.

In victory, Will Brooksbecomes Bellator's

interim lightweightworld champion.

Alvarez, get healthy,I'm looking for you.

(announcer)Up next, the main event.

A world title shotis on the line.

Rampage and King Mo battle

in the light heavyweighttournament final.

You next, you next!

We have now reachedour main event of the evening.

It is the Bellator lightheavyweight tournament final,

King Mo versusRampage Jackson.

The winner not only claimsbragging rights,

they claima world title shot.

(PA)101, take one.

Dude tryin' to clownthe (bleep) man.

Why I do that?I don't know, but--

Was I drunk?

I don't know--you ain't knocking me out.

Tell your parentsto record it.

Tell them to watch it with youso they know you safe, okay?

(both shouting)

You ain't on my level--you ain't on my level!

I'ma beat you, dog.No, you ain't--

(overlapping chatter)

You ain't on my level, Mo.

Be ready, man.Your chin is suspect.

Be ready.Your chin is suspect.

What the (bleep)does that mean?It is, your chin is suspect.

Watch, just watch.And you know it.

And you know it.

I done fought the bestof the best in this sport.

Of courseI don't like him.

It's a dumb-ass question,to be honest with you.

(sportscaster)Oh, my God, this is over,he is out cold!

I'm telling you-- Mo is gettingsleeped that night.

(sportscaster)Oh, here is his left hand!

(Rampage Jackson)He's going to sleepin my hometown.

Somebody need to sponsorthe soles of his feet.


That's anotherdumb-ass question.

What the (bleep) you thinkI'm gonna do?

I'm a fighter-- (bleep),I'm gonna make him bleed.

I'm gonna make him scream.

I'm gonna stophis bitch-ass straight up.

(announcer)Give it up for King Mo,ladies and gentlemen!

(Rampage Jackson)I came here to Bellatorjust to fight him.

Let the truth be told.

Man, I'm the manof Bellator now!

I took your spot!

(Mo)He's a joke--in my eyes, he's a joke.

Nothing serious about him,he tries to crack jokes.

He ain't funny.

When I saw him,he was like,

"What up, man,I'm over here in your show.

I'm over in your hood."

(sportscaster)He's hurt!And he's out!

There's the stoppageon the big right hand...

You next, you next,you next!

It's like me having a beefwith King Mo out on the street.

I'm strolling around his hoodwith my shirt off.

That's whatI'm doing right now.

I'm strolling around in his hoodwith my shirt off.

He know what that mean.

(Michael Williams)And across the cage...

I ain't got shit to sayto his (bleep) face.

What I'm gonna dois let these do the talking.

This one erase the teeth.

(sportscaster)Big right hand!

This one erase his memory.

(sportscaster)Beautiful jab.

(bleep) him up for real.

(sportscaster)Oh, my God, this is over!

I'm fighting in frontof my hometown.

I gotta be flawless.

I'm aiming straightfor his jaw.

Mo is not even gonna make it outof the first round.

♪♪ (tense music)

(cheers and applause)

(Michael Williams)And now, set to make his wayto the cage,

King Mo!

♪♪ (hip-hop music)

Jimmy, we talked about King Mo'samateur wrestling pedigree

as well as being a Division IIwrestling national champion

while at the Universityof Central Oklahoma,

represented the United Statesin international competition.

In MMA, startedas a takedown fighter,

but he has been workinghis boxing extensively

with Floyd Mayweather Jr.'suncle, Jeff Mayweather.

His pro debutagainst Travis Wiuff,

he knocked Travis Wiuff out.

He's been a natural strikerfor a long time.

He's been tryingto clean up that technique

with obviously"Jazzy" Jeff Mayweather.

Yeah, if you talk to him,he's gonna flip you off.

He's gonnalet you know how he feels.

Always brash,always outspoken.

But he's a great fighter,don't look--

you know, peopleget caught up in the talk.

You get caught upin the hype.

You can't disrespecta guy's physical skills.

He has a lot of ability.

On Rampage Jackson,King Mo said,

"Memphis is gonna cry,Memphis is gonna be in mourning.

"I'm gonna shut Memphis down

because I'm gonna whiphis ass so bad."

Always lets you knowhow he really feels.

King Mo said,"Rampage Jackson absolutely

will not be able to stophis takedowns."

He wants to keep Jacksonguessing in this fight.

That's the key to it.

I don't think he can tradepower punches with Rampage.

But he is very explosive.

He does havea great takedown.

Bait him in,get that takedown going.

He has greatground and pound.

♪♪ (tense music)

(cheers and applause)


(Michael Williams)Now ready to make his wayto the cage,

Rampage Jackson!

♪♪ (hip-hop music)

Rampage Jackson was clear.

A win is not good enough

in this light heavyweighttournament final versus King Mo.

He wants to finishin a violent finish, Jimmy.

It isn't just aboutbeating King Mo.

It's about hurting him,it's about humiliating him.

But you gotta staya professional.

He has to be readyfor a long fight.

He has to be readyfor a difficult fight.

Emotion can fuel you...

or it can take you completelyout of your game plan.

It can spendall your energy.

You have to be very careful withit as a professional fighter.

That's what Rampage is.

We're just outsideof Rampage Jackson's hometown,

Memphis, Tennessee.

And this isa pro-Rampage Jackson crowd

here at the Landers Center.


The only commentfrom Jackson, Jimmy--

He said, "If this werea pure wrestling match,

"I would be in trouble.

"But obviously,this isn't pure wrestling.

This is MMA."

He thinks he can dominatewith his ground and pound

but more significantly, dominateKing Mo with his striking.

That's the important part.

He has greatwrestling for MMA.

Simple takedown,blast double leg.

Coach Antonio McKeehad great wrestling for MMA.

He's taught Rampage a lotof that for this fight.

Rampage Jackson said,"I don't give a (...)

"what King Mo does best.

"He's a fan boy.All I know is he's a wrestler.

I'm going to kick asses."

Even on pay-per-view,I'm not going to swear.

Oh, I should'veread that then.

I would've made upsomething much worse.

So sweet, Sean.


You see the bannerbehind Rampage Jackson?

He is honoring his high schoolwrestling coach in Memphis,

a man he affectionatelycalled Coach Bolgeo

who recently passed awayand was supposed to be here

in support ofRampage Jackson tonight.

I always say, supporthigh school wrestling,

support college wrestling.

It saves lives.

It definitely savedRampage's life.

Final check from outsidereferee Kevin MacDonald.

John McCarthy,waiting inside the cage,

will referee this lightheavyweight tournament final.

Very different demeanorright now.

King Mo bouncing around.

Rampage is ice cold.

Let's see howthese two fighters line up

with our tale of the tape.

(Jimmy)Look at the significant six-inchreach advantage for King Mo.

Can he keep the hard-hittingRampage Jackson on the outside?

The talking is over,time to fight.

Here's Michael Williams.

(Michael Williams)Ladies and gentlemen,from the Landers Center,

Bellator MMA now presentsthe main event of the evening,

the light heavyweight final

in the toughest tournamentin sports.

And now, introducingfirst, the red corner.

At 6'0",weighing in 205.6 pounds,

the former Bellatortournament winner

and world title challengertonight stands

with 12 professional victories,3 defeats.

Fighting out ofCoconut Creek, Florida,

introducing King Mo!


And across the cage,his opponent,

fighting out ofthe blue corner.

At 6'1",weighing in 205.9 pounds,

the two-timeworld champion tonight,

in his first Bellatortournament final,

brings an impressiveprofessional record,

34 victories, 11 defeats,

fighting out ofIrvine, California,

originally hailingfrom Memphis, Tennessee,

introducing Rampage Jackson!

(cheers and applause)

In charge of the action,your referee Big John McCarthy.

Gentlemen, we went overthe rules in the back.

Protect yourself at all times,

and obey my commandsat all times.

Fight clean,fight hard, fight fair.

If you wanna touch gloves,touch them now.

Good, step back, good luck.

John McCarthy said, "If youwanna touch gloves, do so now.

Both men walked awaywithout touching gloves.

And nobody expected that.

I think Johnwas just being polite.

You ready?Let's get it on!

The bellin round number one.

Scheduled for threefive-minute rounds.

The light heavyweighttournament final,

and immediately,a takedown from King Mo.

No surprise there thathe went for it that quickly.

And they are talking trashon the ground,

at least Rampage is.

King Mo in the black trunks,

Rampage Jackson in the blackand camouflage trunks.

Not a good signhow easy that was.

Upper guard nowfrom Rampage Jackson.

Now closes his guard.

Rampage not oftenin this position,

and he wantsto get space and explode.

An easy guard pass nowfor King Mo.

A lot of hip pressureby Mo.

They're rightin front of us.

Saw King Mo controllingthe outside leg.

Rampage back to his feet.

Knee to the body.

He's going for that single leghit on the inside.

This time, he huntsfor the other ankle.

Going for the ankle pick.

And he getsthe takedown.

You see Jackson sitting up,holding the overhook.

And it's notjust about getting

his ground and poundgoing on top.

It's also about draggingRampage into deep water.

It's great to bea knockout guy.

Two quick finishesin Bellator,

but he hasn't had that long,grueling fight in a long time.

King Mo staying sticky,knee to the thigh.

More big kneesto the thigh of Rampage Jackson.

Don't grab-- there you go.

Level change from King Mo,and again, he hits the takedown.

And relentlesswith the takedown.

It's that secondand third effort

that's making the difference.

Pro-Rampage crowdis booing for a standup.

Can you see Mocontrolling the ankle?

Short knees nowfrom King Mo.

It's a standardwrestling position.

Not putting the hooks in,he's trying to ride them out.

Rampage back to his feet.

90 seconds remainingin round number 1.

Rampage hasto get off the fence,

has to get the space to landthose power shots,

and he has it now.

Rampage Jacksonnow coming forward.

Big swing and a missfrom Jackson.

Stiff left jab.

Feint on a shotfrom King Mo.

Rampage, very low,being very cautious.

Rampage landed that.

He does not wantto get taken down again.

Very aggressivethese last two fights,

but those were guyswho didn't have to worry

about taking him down.

You could throw and not worryabout the double edge.

You cannot do thatagainst Mo.

Hands high from King Mo,moving backwards.

Big mistake, wide punch.

King Mo really committingto those punches.

Body kick from King Mo.

See Rampage Jacksoncoming forward,

trying to cut the angle.

Closing seconds.

(bell rings)

There's the bell,the end of round one.

To the cornerof Rampage Jackson.

You see Tom Blackledge,Antonio McKee.

One guy in the cage.

(Big John McCarthy)One of y'all in here,that's it.

Okay, okay.

Great last work.

Jazzy Jeff Mayweatherin the corner of King Mo.

I want you-- listen to me,I want you to relax.

'cause when you relax,you're thinking.

You've got to think straight.Let's put a distraction on him.

Takedowns are the storyof the first round.

Look at the single leg,dumped him.

The others wereagainst the fence.

Starting outwith the single leg,

switching to the double.

And here,another power double leg.

Head right in the centerof Rampage's chest.

Here we go,are you ready?

You ready?Let's get it on!

Jimmy, round one for youon your scorecard.

10-9, King Mo.

Rampage was startingto get back into that

at the end of the round,but most of the round

belonged tothe takedown of Mo.

The winnerof this fight claims

this Bellator lightheavyweight tournament.

Ground strikes landed--15 to none in favor of King Mo.

No surprise there.

Rampage acted as thoughthat may have flipped a cup.

He asked him if he wasall right, keeps fighting.

That left hookdid catch him.

Mo hasn't really foundhis rhythm on the feet,

but doing wellwith the takedowns.

And as Rampage gets moreslippery later in the fight,

takedowns getmuch harder to pull off.

Looks like King Mo'salready cut over his left eye.

You see Rampage loading upthe right hand.

Lands the right hand!

A good left hook.

This is the range Rampage wantedcoming in with short hooks.

Another lockdown for Mo.

And a turn.

Rampage felt the easeof King Mo's takedown.

In this round, King Mo's feltthe power in Rampage's hands.

He's fighting hardfor that takedown.

Well-defendedfrom Rampage Jackson.

Again, Jimmy, Rampage comingforward in the standup.

King Mo's left eyeleaking blood.

I'm impressedwith the jab of Rampage.

It snapped Mo's head backmore than once.

That left eye is a mess.

And it's letting Rampage boxa lot more efficiently.

He doesn't have to throwbig power shots every time.

He can staybehind his jab.

King Mo leads this takedown.

Wide defensive basefor Rampage Jackson.

Again, the level changefrom King Mo.

Still lookingfor the takedown.

Still can't find it.

A little takedown defense,Jimmy, from Rampage.

Staying heavy on the hips.

As I said,as it gets more slippery,

takedowns get much harderto pull off.

This costs King Moa lot of energy.

This is what he doesin most fights.

Rampage uses takedown,his experience defensively.

Clever turns to the backby King Mo.

And back to work on the thighswith the short knees.

A little right handfrom Rampage.

Come on, work it out,let's go!

Call for actionfrom John McCarthy.

Rampage lifted uphis hands like,

"Hey, it's not my problem.

Go ahead and separate us."

He's been doing damageon the feet.

Grinding forward in tightwith the top of his head.

Perfectly legal,trying to get in tight.

With all his talk aboutstopping Rampage,

he hasn't landedthe significant shots,

but that was a good leftto the chin.

What started that sequencefor King Mo-- jump knee misses.

It's been more of a wrestlingmatch for King Mo,

a boxing match for Rampage.

Good head movementby Rampage.

Easy takedownthat time by King Mo,

but not a lot of time leftin the round.

And 30 seconds remainingin round number 2

of this lightheavyweight tournament final.

And he's gotta do a lotto win back this round.

That was in the body,that was legal.

Jackson back to his feet.

See the blood,the heavy swelling

above and belowKing Mo's left eye.

Good uppercutlanded by Rampage.

That is the endof round number two.

Listen to what I'm gonna say.

He's very tired.

He doesn't haveanymore in him.

That's you, you're gonnadictate this last round.

That's your round.

You hear me?

When you're chasing him down--when you're chasing him down,

get your feet with you,and throw your shots short.

You're just lunging in.

That's where he's gettinghis shot, yeah?

Rampage aggressivein this round.

Behind the jabthrowing power punches.

Great look at the eyeof King Mo.

It's cut, it is swollen.

At the end of the round, niceleaping left hook by King Mo.

But the majorityof the power shots

in that second roundlanded by Rampage.

Our Bellator girls,Mercedes Terrell, Jade Bryce,

letting us know the thirdand final round is upon us.

This, our main eventof the evening.

The winner claims thislight heavyweight tournament

and a world title shotversus Bellator's

reigning light heavyweightworld champion, Emanuel Newton.

Jimmy, how do you have itthrough two rounds?

All tied up, I give the lastround to Rampage, 10-9.

Whoever wins this roundwins the fight on my scorecard.

Not that the judges always agreewith you, keep that in mind.

The fightersthrowing on the inside.

Hands high for King Mo.

The takedown of King Mo

has made Rampageefficient with his boxing.

He doesn't wanna throwa lot of wild punching,

a lot of power shots,and let King Mo

get insideand take him down.

Nice left hookfrom Rampage Jackson.

Level change well-defendedfrom Rampage.

Knee to the bodyfrom King Mo.

Mo trying to put Rampageup against the fence.

Lifting to the single leg,looking to turn and dump him.

Rampage going over the top.

Lifts the same up other side,great transitional wrestling.

And he gets it.

Sucks in the ankle,gets the takedown.

Question is--can Rampage explode

and get back to his feetin this third round?

He spent a lotof energy in this fight.

Not just hold on,wait for a standup,

but that killsa lot of time.

Getting late in this fight.

3:05 now remaining,third and final round.

And Mo driving inand grinding

with the forearmand the left elbow.

And a fistwith the right hand.

Come on, let's work!

McCarthy just calledfor action.

King Mo not able to landany significant--

Move! Let's go!

...significant strikesfrom on top.

He turned on Rampage.

He's gonna explodeback to his feet.

Following,I'm sure, King Mo.

One of my keys tothe fight for Rampage--

save some gasfor the late rounds.

He needs it right now.

Rampage Jacksonback to his feet.

Mo didn't do any damage,but he held Rampage down.

You cannot spin this--Ram on the bottom.

He's after King Mo again.

Center of the Bellator cage.

Knee, left jabmisses from King Mo.

That right hand misses.

See that stance, Jimmy?

Rampage Jacksonloading up the right hand.

Yeah, and he's also flickingthat jab very well.

He has dropped this fight.

He's done less of itin this third round, though.

I think he needsto go back to it.

And a shot from King Mo.

You cannot afford to give upanother takedown.

He's had some successon the feet,

but Rampage takes him down,stays on top.

Come on, work it out!

He's not gonna getfirst chances with the judges.

Final minute of this lightheavyweight tournament final.

The world title shotto the winner.

Hello, let's gowith the body lock.


There's the separation,the restart from John McCarthy.

It's in thehomestretch now.

Rampage just missingwith that uppercut.

Oh, nice left hook,nice hook with--

That uppercut landing.

Counter snap jabfrom King Mo.

Full stalking modefor Rampage Jackson,

looking for one more big shotbefore the bell.

(bell rings)

And that is the endof the fight.

Good job,good job, good job.

And they're stilltalking at each other.

Good job--good job, baby.


Don't expect an after-fighthug with these guys.

Here against the fence.

Coming off a nice knee.

And Rampage trying to getthose short punches going.

King Mo very elusiveat the end of that fight.

A lot of head movement, he hadtasted the power of Rampage.

He wanted none of itin that third round.

But King Modid score a couple takedowns.

Wasn't enough.

(overlapping chatter)

They are still talking.

Again, they haveto be separated.

Jimmy, how do you havethis after three rounds?

I have it two rounds to onefor Rampage.

Thought he tookrounds two and three.

Mo got a couple of takedownsin round three,

but I thought Rampage didmore damage with his striking

than Mo did with his groundand pound after that takedown.

But we'll seeif the judges agree.

Tentative look on the faceof Rampage Jackson.

It was a good fight, though.

It was a good fight,you both walked away with--

It was a good fight, Mo,it was a good fight.

Let's learn the winner of thisfight with Michael Williams.

(Michael Williams)Ladies and gentlemen,having gone the distance

inside the Bellator cage attonight's Bellator pay-per-view,

we'll goto your judges' scorecards.

All three judges cage-side,

Rob Hinds, Kelly Leo,and Todd Anderson,

all scoredthe fight exactly the same

at 29 to 28 for the winnerby unanimous decision now.

The winner of the lightheavyweight tournament,

earning his world title shot,

Rampage Jackson!

(cheers and applause)

The Landers Center explodes.

Rampage Jackson,victory number 35

in his outstandingMMA career,

and he claims this lightheavyweight tournament.

And still, they talk.

Hey, you did betterthan you expected to do.

No, I done beat you!

Go look at your face.Don't matter.

Go look at your face.We all know who won.


Rematch.We all know who won.

Rematch.We all know who won.

Rematch, man.

Let's go to Jimmy Smith.

You guys are talkingat the end of the fight.

You're talking now.

Is your opinion of King Mothe same as it was

before this fight, man--what's going on?

Just keep it 100.

He did better thanI thought he was gonna do.

I gotta give it up for King Mo,he a worthy warrior,

but he came right out atthe bat and took me down

just like I thought he would,but still caught me by surprise.

But, uh--Rematch.

I'm not happy withmy victory tonight, guys.

I wanted to knockKing Mo out.

(cheering and applause)

Who want to see King Moget knocked out?


I want a rematch!

I want to knockKing Mo out,

and I won't be satisfied

until he's down onthis Bellator mat sleeping.

Well, I have to find outabout that from King Mo.

King Mo...

how do you feelabout a rematch?

No, no.

Rampage doesn't get you.

I beat you, though,dog, you know it.

Your corner know it.

I won that fight.

We'll seeif a rematch will happen.

Rampage, this Memphis crowdbehind you, man.

How much didthat mean to you?

It meant everything to me,I never felt

so much pressure in my lifebefore one of my fights.

I was super nervous.

Thanks, Memphis,for supporting me.

Tonight, I dedicate this fight

to my high school wrestlingcoach Peter Bolgeo.

He passed awayabout a month ago,

and I apologize, folks,that I didn't pull off

the type of wrestlingthat you wanted me to pull off,

but I love you.

I wouldn't be hereif it wasn't for you.

Give it up for Rampage Jackson,ladies and gentlemen.

Thank you so much!

(Michael Williams) title shot, Rampage!

A look to the skyfrom Rampage Jackson

as he learns he has wonthis unanimous decision.

A look of disbeliefon the face of King Mo.

Jimmy, judgingfrom that reaction,

I really believe King Mothought that he won this fight.

Judging from that, he believedhe won this fight.

Very vocal.

King Mo always lets you knowwhat he thinks, man.

I'd love to seethem fight again.

A disappointed King Mo, anda very happy Rampage Jackson.

One win away nowfrom claiming

Bellator's lightheavyweight world title.

Now 3-0 for Rampage Jacksonin the Bellator cage.

Elated, this crowdcarried him.

They werevery much behind him,

but he was efficientwith his boxing,

and he was disappointedhe didn't get the knockout,

but he stayed tight,stayed efficient,

worked behind the jab.

I thinkthat was the strategy

to beat the wrestlingof King Mo.

That's what happened tonight.

Really gladthat you joined us.

A great crowd hereat the Landers Center--

jam-packed, as we were justoutside of Memphis, Tennessee.

Of course,the Bellator girls,

Mercedes Terrell,Jade Bryce with us.

Michael Pageshowboated Jimmy

like we rarely seein mixed martial arts.

The one-punch knockoutover Ricky Rainey,

standing and then admiringhis work.

The heavyweighttournament final.

Blagoi Ivanovknown for his submissions.

Alexander Volkovknown for his knockouts.

But it's Volkov, the rear nakedchoke submission win,

wins this Bellatorheavyweight tournament final.

Tito Ortiz.

First appearancein the Bellator cage

facing Bellator's middleweightworld champion,

Alexander Shlemenko.

Ortiz chokingShlemenko unconscious,

winning by way of first-roundtechnical submission

on the head-and-arm choke.

Tito Ortiz is back.

A phenomenal fight

for Bellator's lightweightinterim world title.

Tournament winner Will Brooksversus the former Bellator

lightweight world championMichael Chandler.


And a split decision winfor Will Brooks.

Our main event--such bad blood

between these twooutstanding light heavyweights.

The Bellator season ten lightheavyweight tournament final,

Rampage Jacksonversus King Mo.

And after a veryhard-fought 15 minutes,

Rampage Jackson claimsthe unanimous decision win.

For Jimmy Smithand our entire crew,

I'm Sean Wheelock.

Thanks for watching Bellator.