Michael Page vs. Ricky Rainey


Young prospects collide as Michael Page meets Ricky Rainey.

Let's get this fight startedwith our tale of the tape.

Here we go with Ricky Raineyversus Michael Page.

Look at the heights,6'1", 6'3".

They're used to being the muchtaller fighter in the cage.

Both guys comparable tonight.

How will they deal with havinganother tall fighter

in front of them?

Ready to fight?

Ready to fight?

Let's go!

The bellin round number one.

Look at the footwork.

Look at the handsof Michael Page.

Rainey in the orange trunks,Page in the gray trunks.

The key here is stalk.

Don't chaseif you're Ricky Rainey.

You can't afford to followthis guy blindly.

He will knock you out.

He's gotta cut offthe cage.

Corral him,don't follow him straight back.

Look at that angle.

Right hand lands from Rainey.

Page, hands down,showing his shoulder.

Jump knee from Page.

You see Rainey tryingto close the distance.

Uppercut from Page.

And Rainey seemsa little lost.

Yeah, he's hurt, I thinkthe little shots hurt him.

Doesn't have his legsunder him.

And he has Roy Jonesin him now, looking away.

And throwingthe counter-strike, man.

Page was lookingat the referee.

Kevin MacDonaldnot even looking at Rainey.

A look-away right hand lands,now looking in the crowd.

Man, you just don'tsee this very often.

Think about the dominantstriking styles

that have emergedover the 20 1/2 year history

of our sport, Jimmy.

Boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai.

You just don't seepoint fighting.

No, you don't,

but you also don't seepoint fighting like this.

I've seenpoint fighting before.

It's not done like this.

He's doing a very good jobof mixing things up

and landingmeaningful strikes.

Rainey has been rocked.

Straight left handfrom Page.

You see Raineybreathing heavily already.

I think he's just tired fromchasing Michael Page around.

Shoulder roll,the hand roll, the foot shuffle.

Look at the showboatingfrom Michael Page.


Shades of his countrymen fromboxing Prince Naseem Hamed.

Yeah, very true.

Crowd booing a little bit,

but it's up to Raineyto do something about it.

Halfway throughround number one.

I'm for the American-- I'm forroughly Pernell Whittaker,

but we're all different.

But stepping inbehind the jab,

he's landing meaningful shotswhen Rainey comes in.

He's not pitter-pat punching.

He's being very accurate.

And Rainey tryingto work to the inside,

trying to workto the clinch.

What he's caught Rainey doinga couple times is looking.

You don't wanna become anobserver in a fight like this.

Someone with Michael Page'skind of style,

you kinda end up looking at himrather than attacking him.

You cannot do that.

You can't becomea spectator.

Against reallyflashy strikers,

a lot of opponentsbecome spectators.

You can't let that happen.

Takedown from Rainey.

Page right backto his feet.

Never wentto the bottom position.

Rainey keeps loading upthe knee, but not throwing.

There's the separationfrom Page.

Jump knee!

Beautiful shot.

Spinning back fist.

Rainey bleedingout of his nose.

Page waves his right hand.

Again, looking away,switching stances.

Final minute, round number one.

That knee get closing distance,Page turning away.

Big right hand!

Kevin MacDonald steps in,and this fight is over.

A one-punchknockout win for Michael Page.

Just like that, he's 6-0.

Man, he just put the restof the division on notice.

That was a show, Sean.

That was a performance.

That's somethingyou don't see often in MMA.

It's like a brutaldance routine,

that's what we just saw.

And here was the shot,

caught him coming inright over the ear.

Beautiful accuracy.

Look at it--set him up with the jab,

and he came in overthe left hand of Ricky Rainey,

just enough overhandto that shot

to get over the guard.

Look at it here.

Put enough loop in itto get behind the ear.

I'll tell you what-- it's gonnabe hard to outstrike this kid.