Will Brooks vs. Michael Chandler I


In an instant classic, Chandler faces Brooks for the Interim Lightweight World Championship.

Here's our tale of the tape.

Similar records,but Michael Chandler,

more big fightsunder the big lights.

You ready to fight?You ready to fight?

Let's go!

Round number one,both fighters

immediately to the centerof the Bellator cage.

Brooks in the red trunks,Chandler in the gray trunks.

And immediately, the takedownfrom Michael Chandler.

Open guard,now close guard from Brooks.

Was Chandler telling usabout a fast start?

Right in there.

Straight for the takedown,got it easily.

That was the good part.

The bad part iswith Brooks now,

on his backwhere he's not used to being.

The ugly isif Michael Chandler

gets some space and landsthat ground and pound.

He has viciousground and pound from the top.

Patricky Freire found that outthe hard way.

Already a chant of"Let's go, Michael."

Chandler smart and lethal,grinding his head forward.

Staying very tightin this top position.

A butterfly guardfrom Brooks.

Short right handsfrom Chandler.

Hooks with a body lockand lets it go, Jimmy.

Well, Brooks so far doinga good job with his guard,

keeping Chandler close,exploding back to his feet.

Excellent job.

Underneath from Brooksin this separation.

Chandler coming forward.

You see that tendencyChandler has

to drop his handsand come in a little wild.

Chandler missesover the top.

Good knee from Brooks.

Will Brooks mix it up?

A wide variety of strikes.

Take advantage of hisathleticism, his explosiveness.

Keep Chandler guessing.

Chandler looked for the levelchange, couldn't find it.

Halfway throughround number one.

Foot stomp from Chandler.

Wide base.

Brooks unableto defend that takedown.

Power and techniquefrom Chandler.

That's twiceyou seen them wrestling.

Advantage of Michael Chandler.

Brooks has dealtwith it well so far, though.

Brooks trying to cage-walkfrom the open guard.

Don't grab it!

Kevin MacDonaldjust warned Brooks

don't grab the linksof the cage with your toes.

You see Chandler posturing up,back down to one knee.

Trying, Jimmy, to findthe ground and pound range.

Will Brooks so fardoing a good job

keeping it sticky,keeping in close.

Chandler now grinding awayfrom the closed guard

of Brooks withthe elbow, the forearm.

Left elbow again.

Something very importantto keep in mind.

His entire camp,

Michael Chandler was trainingfor a five-round fight.

Will Brooks was not.

Outstanding point.

It becomes a matterof who's spending

more energyin these opening rounds.

Chandler might justhave a bigger gas tank

because of the traininghe did.

Elbows, short formsfrom Chandler.

Final seconds now,round number one.

Brooks holdingthat high closed guard.

More elbows from Chandler.

Ten seconds, guys.

Brooks holdinga tight closed guard.

(bell rings)Clean break!

The bell at the endof round one.

(Jimmy)Michael Chandler getting inside,working the takedown.

Nice double leg.

Got two of them goingin that round.

I think that'san important statement

'cause that's an advantageBrooks has always had

in previous fights.

If he's knocked down, startthrowing heavy shots, okay?

(continues advising)

So, if he getsa left butterfly hook,

drop your weight on him,okay?

We're breathing but workingwhile we're in there.

Breathing and working.It's your round.