Tito Ortiz vs. Alexander Shlemenko


Can The People's Champion weather The Storm? The legend meets the champion.

Let's do the numbers--here's our tale of the tape.

And what else can you highlightbut the weight?

This is the guywho tried to gain weight

and only got upto 201.9.

Tito Ortiz, 205 1/2.

He's a good220, 225 tonight.

I have been looking forwardto this fight.

You ready?Let's get on!

And round number one.

He looks like a giantversus a regular dude.

Shlemenko the Russianin the black trunks.

Ortiz in the white trunks.

They look aboutthree weight classes apart.

Hard-- you know,hard to understand.

Ortiz to the inside.

There's the body kick,and another from Shlemenko.

It looks like Tito's headcould make middleweight.

That is the lineof the night.

I call ithow I see it, man.

(all)Tito! Tito!

He's gotta come in thereand work the takedown.

He's tried a couple times,but he hasn't committed to it.

Big chants of "Tito, Tito"from the Landers Center crowd.

This is not where Titowants to be.

He looks rusty,he's waiting on Shlemenko.

Feint on a shotfrom Ortiz.

Shlemenko justshrugged him off.

That's not a good sign.

And this is what I meanabout that ring rust

early in the fight.

Tito's had a long layoff,don't let him warm up.

Shlemenko, true to his word,attacking the body.

Spinning back fist.

Another thing you haveto wonder about is

how long has Shlemenkobeen carrying this weight?

Is he used to walking aroundthis heavy?

Will it take some of his gasbeing at 201 pounds?

Most middleweights,that would sound weird.

They walk normally around200 at least.

But not Shlemenko,he's carrying

a lot of extra weightin there.

Douglas Lima, our Bellatorwelterweight world champion,

walked heavierby about ten pounds.

Yeah, he's much biggerthan Shlemenko.

About 205.

Knee to the body,Shlemenko holding the overhook.

It's not the first timehe's targeted the body.

Successful takedown by Tito--what can Tito do with it?

He's in a wrestling rideright now,

going for the spiral ride.

Trying to flattenShlemenko out.

It's a good way to open upthe hits for the hooks as well.

Shlemenko has trained heavily

for takedown defensein this fight.

Look at those eyes wide,I'm sure he's thinking--

he's goingfor the arm triangle!

Looking for that head-and-armchoke to finish this is Ortiz!

He might have it.

That's-- he's--I think he's--

is he out?

That is--I think he's out, he's out!

A technical submission winfor Tito Ortiz

as he chokesAlexander Shlemenko unconscious!

Tito Ortiz is back.

As soon as he locked inthe submission, it was done.

Too much weight,too much strength.

Shlemenko had no way outonce Tito Ortiz was on top.

That was the game plan.

As soon as he got it,that was lights out

for Alexander Shlemenko.

Great recognitionfrom John McCarthy

to see that Shlemenkowas unconscious

and rule the technical sub winfor Tito Ortiz.

Got the takedown, it's calleda spiral ride in wrestling

when he's coming underneaththe arm, then chops the arm.

Now, look at the eyesof Alexander Shlemenko.

What he is thinking now is,"Man, this is a gigantic dude.

This is a ton of weight."

You don't understand ittill you feel it.

And this arm triangle,this is deep, it is done.

Look at the hips.

Keeping them nice and low.

Shlemenko looks likehe's about to tap here,

but you seehis leg go limp.

I think excellent awarenesshere, look at the hips.

As soon as they fall,that's when Big John

jumps onand stops this fight.

Great performanceby Tito Ortiz.